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Did you say that Cerebral Palsy and ALS are the results of sin? That sounds pretty ignorant!

In the September 13th episode of The Morning Mindset you said that Cerebral Palsy and ALS are the result of sin. I'm confused, can you explain how you see that to be true?

Is it unloving NOT to wear a mask during COVID concerns?

This was a question I received from a friend that I thought would make a great Digging Deeper topic. Once I got into it, I discovered that I needed to do a lot more thinking. I did, and added it to the episode.

How should Christians deal with situations where they believe their leadership is not doing the right thing?

I was recently asked this by a listener to the Morning Mindset. It's not an easy question to deal with, much less answer. But the Bible does give us some guidelines for such situations. I sent an email response, but also included the subject in a Digging Deeper recording (TITLE: Listener Question about submitting to abusive authorities)